What We do

 Our Objectives...

  • To empower women by guiding them into practices that will make them self-reliant/independent and give them a voice. 
  • To reach out to as many abused women as possible and ensure their safety. 
  • To reach out to widows and less privileged women and establish them in trade. 
  • To bring together women with great experience and expertise in varying fields and have them share their knowledge/impact other women. 
  • To build resilience, capacity and tenacity amongst young women in marriage. 
  • To give education to as many less privileged children as can be reached.
  • To guide women on how to make a better home. 
  • To organise arts and crafts sessions where women can learn and earn a living from it.
  • To lay emphasis on values. 
  • To engage women in counseling sessions from time to time. 
  • To constantly have health talks that concerns women.

You can support us in our goals to do more for the less privilege.